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Kirsten Borum.



My Dream Journey

I started my dream journey in 1979 at a "sleep-in" workshop with well-known (in Denmark) Jes Bertelsen, who at that point had dream workshops, based on C. G. Jung. But he had other things coming. I joined a group with him, which very soon developed more into meditation. He introduced the subtle energy system of man, including chakras, referring to an Irish spiritual teacher and healer, Bob Moore, who lived in Denmark. In 1980 I joined him, too. And stayed with him (attending several groups every year) until 1999, when he stopped his teachings.

My work with dreams and meditation is to a great extent inspired by these remarkable teachers.

Jes Bertelsen has written a large number of books, many of which have been translated into English and German. Bob Moore taught in English, and attracted a great number of people from all over the world. Unfortunately, he has not written books, but we are a group of people here in Denmark who have constructed a web site in English at http://www.moore-healing.info/

As far as I am concerned I have worked with dream groups and given lectures on dreams since 1982. I also have clients in dream therapy, and I do healing based on the energy work I have learned during my many years with Bob Moore, which has given me a means of looking at the dreams from an energy point of view. The healing I do is aimed at supporting the ongoing therapeutic process at the energy level.

In my dream groups I have mostly used a physiological/therapeutic angle based on C. G. Jung.

But I have grown increasingly drawn to the energetic, meditative and spiritual aspects of dream work. Like e.g. meditating on strong, energy-loaded symbols and guided re-entry into the remembered the dream from wake aiming at integrating the energy contained in the salient symbols.

I have throughout the years had a number of continuing development groups "Dreams and Meditation" in which we work with a combination of dreams and meditation in different ways that I have developed. In particular a number of joint meditations to increase group energy. The groups meet 4 times a year (weekends) plus one evening every 2 weeks. All the members of these group work with their dreams on their own in different dream groups that I originally set up.

For the time being I am preparing some creative dream workshops.

Besides these things I have been involved in a number of other activities in the area of dreams, like e.g. been on radio and TV programs and interviewed in various magazines.

I have compiled a concise booklet on dreams and dreamwork.

A number of years ago I gave a lecture in English at a holistic university in Sweden.

Some years ago there was a website where people were invited to mail their dreams to have them interpreted by a panel of dream interpreters who by turns, at no charge, undertook this. I was on that panel. We do not do it any more. But the website still exists at http://www.drommetydning.dk

In 2004 iasd, The International Association for the Study of Dreams had their annual conference in Copenhagen. That gave rise to a small group of enthusiastic dreamers, initiated by Danish vice president of iasd, to create a Danish affiliation of iasd: ffsd.dk


                                      Kirsten at dream ball in Copenhagen.