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Kirsten Borum.


Lecture on Dreams

Given November 5, 1998 at The University for Global Well-Being (Sweden).

My first deep contact with dreams was at a workshop with Jes Bertelsen (Gold medal of the University in 1969 (age around 22) for thesis on Søren Kierkegaard, 1974 doctor of philosophy on a treatise on the structures of the Self.) in 1979, and it was a kind of a revelation. But already at that point, Jes was actually on his way further, and as he told us some time later, when I had joined his first continued group, he only used the dream workshops to attract us. What he was really aiming at was meditation and access to higher consciousness.

And already that first time he stepped further than dreams in the ordinary sense. He mentioned a strange word I had never heard before: chakra. And a name I did not know either: Bob. I found out that this concept of chakra was important in order to continue to go to dream workshops with Jes, and that this “Bob” obviously knew a lot about it. So I found out that Bob was Bob Moore (Highly evolved spiritual teacher, former engineer and priest), who was Irish and lived in the small town of Silkeborg.

So I immediately contacted him and got accepted into the first available workshop, which turned out to be a healing group that met for the third time. So I was quite bewildered. I knew nothing about healing.

So, from the very outset meditation and healing accompanied me on my dream path.

18 years have passed, and I am still with Bob Moore. In his workshops we work with meditation, mostly in the form of energy exercises and with healing. And we always work a little with the dreams of the nights of the workshops, which, according to Bob will always reflect the meditations and exercises we have performed, giving us very valuable information on our process. And that is very true. I have experienced that so many times.

But back to Jes Bertelsen. He wrote a book in 1982: Dreams, Chakra Symbols, and Meditation. This title, of course, underlines the idea of the interrelation between these areas. And in this book he differentiates between three planes:

On the first one the dream is viewed as a text to be understood, so the problem is to interpret the dream, which necessitates knowledge of the language of dreams and an understanding of the dream symbols. Most methods for working with dreams in the depth psychology tradition starting with Freud and Jung belong on this plane.

The next plane is that of energy. Dreams viewed as energy or pictures or expressions of energy. And the chakras including their colour vibrations, psychological content, attachment to the earth elements, geometrical structures, senses, etc. to be used as a kind of tools of openers.

This is a way I use extensively when there are dreams that lend themselves to this method.

The third plane is dreams seen as a special form of consciousness. That form of consciousness is a lower form than our ordinary 3-dimensional consciousness, and - there is also a higher consciousness. This higher consciousness can be reached, and this is possible through certain dream symbols.

I am going to use to some extent these levels as headings for the way I have developed my work with dreams.

First plane

I am not really going to talk about the first plane. This I use with the ordinary dreams of the people in my dream groups, and this I describe extensively when I give lectures on dreams. This is the most well-known way of working with dreams, showing you the problems, how to handle them, giving you the possibility to go to the cause of the problems. Showing you unknown resources. The text to be understood, finding a message and a meaning in the dream. On this plane I work mainly in the Jungian tradition.

Second Plane

This I work with a lot, when there are dreams that lend themselves to it.

They are what can be called the big dreams, informative dreams, spiritual dreams and the like.

I have had quite a lot of them myself, and also the people who get attracted to me as a teacher tend to have quite a number. Among them Mikkel, who has really, what I term an open dream channel.

I am not going in depth to try to explain the connection between dreams with these very energy-loaden symbols and the subtle energy system of the human being. This is cannot be done in such a short time. But there are depths that can actually be explained in quite a sensible way.

I have chosen to use as a basis my own dreams and dreams other people have told me.

When I talk about the subtle energy system I of course refer to what is called the human aura, the electromagnetic space around us, including the chakras.

The etheric: Which contains the health aura and also is a storehouse of memory.

The astral: the vibration through which emotions and feelings can be found, from the coarser emotions to the highest feelings.

People who are clairvoyant on the astral level will often see these emotions and feelings in the form of images or colours. Also suppressed emotions and feelings can be located there in the form of energy blockages.

The mental: The vibrations referring to our mental capacities, including intellect and intuition.

The spiritual: Higher feelings, soul qualities.

Information from all of these levels can be reflected into our dreams. So many of our dreams will contain elements from these different levels, and the art is to detect which are which.

There will be dreams that can only be put to use through the ordinary way of interpreting, and there will be dreams which do not alt all lend themselves to this way. Then there can be dreams which contain elements from different of these levels.

So, some dreams will mirror the astral level, give us information about problems and emotions and feelings - the ordinary dreams.

Others the mental level, focusing on our thought patterns. There are thoughts that are affected by suppressed feelings, and there are higher thoughts. So, when I talk about the higher mental, I mean that part of the thought processes that are not affected by emotional stuff. (Plato: The World of Ideas). And I talk about intuition.

These levels are all important in order for us to reach the full capacity of our make-up.

I find it impossible to really differentiate between dreams and dreams symbols from the higher part of the mental and from the spiritual. They are often interwoven.


There are dreams that sort of get through to us without being contaminated. They appear in the form of direct and clear information. Sometimes in a symbolic form. I believe that I would categorise some of Mikkel’s dreams there.

There is one in particular, which Mikkel has promised to give us live:

"I had a dream about a circle in red and blue colours. It was like a dish that was held out to me. There were 3 things in the circle. One was a triangle, the other a square and the last thing was that everything that Stanislav Grof stood for was true, or that in some way I was to read and believe everything that he has written."
When I stood up that Sunday morning and opened the newspaper, there was a double-page article on Grof!

So there is some clear information and then there are 2 geometrical basic symbols. All geometric symbols are loaded with information, but do not convey it directly, so it will have to be worked for. One method could be to meditate on them (visualising). That might open out to some of the information. Not necessarily in the actual meditative situation or right after, but slowly unfolding.

I have had a few ones myself:

In one dream I meet somebody I have never met before, and at some point in the dream he gives me 3 bits of information. When waking up in order to write them down, 2 of them vanish. The third is:

Creation has an anti-creation in the universe

(There is a kind of day residue. I had been with my former boyfriend, who is a very bright person, computer scientist, and we had been talking about reincarnation, antimatter, time that goes backwards, things like that. And probably this has had an impact on me.)

Some months later I had a dream in which I talk to someone about crystals, being negative about all the popular nonsense about the use of crystals. Telling the person that I have the opinion that crystals can be used as tools to project one’s own wisdom. And that is what I wish to work with.
(In the dream I mean by this to use the crystals as a kind of mirror).

And then, I say, I also believe that there is information so to say hidden inside the crystals. I am asking a woman who has a scientific look about her if it is not correct that a given matter in the process of being created at the same time is creating anti-matter. This she confirms. Then, I continue, a crystal will do the same in the course of its creation, and thus by contacting the physical part of a crystal it would also in principle be possible to contact its anti-matter, thus getting information. She confirms that this cannot logically be excluded.

Such kind of information I get from time to time. And, of course, I do not know anything about this.

(Maybe day residue here also. I had the same day read in one Jes Bertelsen’s books (Freeing Consciousness) that enlightened masters are able to hide teachings (terma texts) in different dimensions and also in objects, figures and scriptures hidden in numerous places. Then it would be possible for pupils of these enlightened masters to extract this information in subsequent incarnations.)

I would add hereto that Bob again and again talks about crystals as the first object of creation.

And I quote from a telephone conversation with him:
"A crystal is an absorber. It absorbs particularly the ultraviolet from the sun. And in that absorbing that becomes a creator. And so crystals are themselves created by sound, light and darkness, and so themselves they become creators, creators of light or reflection or all sorts of things."

Bob Moore is a highly evolved teacher who is clairvoyant also at the mental and spiritual levels. He can draw information from those levels, and thus be of immense help to people in their search for their path in life.

I also had this dream, which seems to give some deep information:

I am looking at a "picture" (it is a kind of a reality) of some parallel lines along which people are moving. They are like silhouettes, shadows, like cardboard, they are moving like standing on rails or the like. They pass each other continuing along their fixed tracks.

But I know that sometimes something happens. I watch it happening: it happens this way that one of the figures after having been passed by one of the others, sort of lights up, stops and moves back. THEN the figures have contact with each other, stay together. Maybe it is only the areas around the heads that light up
Already in the dream I know what it is all about: they are souls who during night-time or in another dimension in this way are moving around among each other, and when the "right" ones meet, then it happens: they join.


Dreams that mirror the spiritual part of our make-up usually make you very happy. You have touched your soul.

So, sometimes you will get a lot of energy and joy from just remembering the symbols from the dream. Maybe draw or paint them to get more benefit.

But then you can also do something more active to have this high energy integrated. Because that is one of the things that are important with these symbols that seem to derive from a spiritual source.

This has a connection to something Bob has mentioned again and again, and that has made a great impression on me.

According to him we are all born with certain qualities, and it is so important for us in order to have a fulfilled life, the life that we are meant to have, the joy that is our birthright, to be conscious of what our qualities are. Then to bring them into the world for the soul to experience them. Because it is only then, by experiencing the soul qualities, that the soul gets nourishment and can grow.

So it is important to know about these qualities, and it is quite possible to get this knowledge through some dreams. Like e.g. if a person dreams that golden light streams out of her hands. That could be translated into that person having healing capacities through the hands.

Spiritual qualities can also appear in dreams in the form of particular colours.

What you can do with such dreams is e.g. to re-enter them in a waking, meditative state, trying to get closer to the energy, to integrate it. Higher vibrations will help dissolving slower vibrations. This is to be understood in the way that by doing exercises and meditations, and receiving healing, such higher energies can be put at your disposal, they can be activated so to say, so that they may flow through the layers of the subtle energy system helping dissolve, release or clear blockages.

That is what I use a lot.

There was this dream of a young woman: After some other action in the dream, including walking around in a cemetery where she had a feeling of the evil spirit of her mother in the air, she came into a wood. In a clearing in the wood she discovered, placed on a square, white cloth 4 objects: a royal princess's crown, a magic ring, and a golden key; the fourth object she had forgotten. I asked her to enter meditatively into the dream after the scene at the cemetery, visualise the cloth and the objects, put the crown on her head, the ring on her finger, and try to find the hole that fitted the key. This she did several times with a lot of benefit. In her case the beautiful scene in the clearing continued to open out and produce new very valuable symbols.

There was this dream, too, in which a young woman had a good contact with a horse, kissing it. However, in my opinion she lacked a lot of strength in her life. And a good symbolisation of strength is to be sitting on a horse, having its power at your disposal but being in control of it. So I asked her to re-enter her dream and mount the horse in order to have its power integrated and put to use in her life.

A third example is that of a young woman who in her dream was chasing her rucksack. It got away from her all the time, and in the dream it was very important that she got hold of it. That she did in the end of the dream. But what was in it? She did not know. I asked her to re-enter the dream in a meditative fashion to try to find out what was actually in it. She did, and she found out: It contained her diaries that she wrote when in puberty. The information was clear. She would have to look at something from that period. Maybe reading the old diaries that she still possessed. She did so. And progressed immensely in her process. It is so much easier to understand in retrospect!

In this last case the dream also seems to points out that it is not possible really to get into the higher realms unless you have worked with your psychological, emotional stuff, repressed feelings, old patterns, blockages, traumas.

These are examples of how you can work to integrate and make use of symbols deriving from higher parts of yourself.

I also believe that by meditating on strong symbols, invigorating them, you may eventually reach into the dimension from which they derive, tapping into a source.

Jes Bertelsen puts it this way in his book: Dreams, Chakra Symbols, And Meditation: "Dreams can be a pathway to the higher consciousness. That is through symbolisation’s in the dreams derived from the reality of a higher consciousness". "So, meditating on particular symbols from dreams which are felt to derive from higher consciousness can open up the field of higher consciousness through meditation on these symbols.

Symbols from higher consciousness are formed in the transition from higher states of consciousness to ordinary consciousness. That which higher consciousness possesses in and of itself is real in this dimension, not symbolic. But when higher consciousness is narrowed, loses clarity and light, is damped down to ordinary consciousness, that which in that dimension was real will transform itself into symbols. That which is real in higher consciousness is symbolic in lower consciousness.

When you meditate on such a symbol sometimes the energy contained in the symbol (which is of course potentially very high in its very capacity of originating from higher consciousness) will be mirrored back from the symbol to the meditating person, to his or her consciousness or attention. So that this may effect a change in consciousness.

I am quoting this under the heading of "energy", but it could as well be under the heading of "consciousness". It is not really possible to make a sharp distinction.


So, dream symbols can be used as a means to reach a higher consciousness.

But also the dream as such can be seen as a lower consciousness. And sometimes we have what is called lucid dreams.

They are dreams in which you know that you are dreaming. This will give you full capacity to use the dream to your liking.

When you have such a dream, it is important to STAY in it, not wake up or "fall back" into the ordinary dream state.

In my experience asking people when I have lectured on dreams and in the dream groups there are a few people who get these dreams. But they do not know what a fantastic opportunity they have. You can seek wisdom and ask important questions. Or fly to get a better view.

You can venture into things that you would not do in reality, having that experience. You could also turn around to the bad person hunting you (which is actually yourself) asking him what he wants, thus getting maybe information on problem areas in ourselves.

I have had quite a number of this kind of dreams myself, and I have used them in different ways. Often doing things that I would normally not dare do, like flinging myself through an unopened window, knowing this is possible and jumping out into space. Exercising my courage. Also I have been seeking information.

This is the higher consciousness of the waking state finding its way into a lower state of consciousness of the dream.

Books have been written about how to get these dreams and what to do. What is the benefit of having them.

I myself have had a dream of one of the functions. This is a dream that I would categorise under the heading: informative dreams. If the information is true or not, I do not know, but this is the dream:

In the dream I am explaining to a group of people how to dissolve negative structures with other people. In the dream I point out that this is an original thought or experience or knowledge on my part: the point is to get a lucid dream, and in that dream change the negative structure to a positive one.

This will have its effect in reality, too, even if the dream is forgotten. In other words it will also have an effect the other person who appears in the dream, even though, of course, the person in question does not dream the dream.

(With negative structures I mean a negative relationship to another person)

Also there is this nice story from one of the books on lucid dreaming:

Once when I was making long-distance small talk with my niece, I brought out my favourite hobby-horse and inquired: "How are your dreams lately?" Madeleina, then seven years old, burst out with the description of a fearful nightmare. She had dreamed that she had gone swimming, as she often did, in the local reservoir. But this time, she had been threatened and terrified by a little-girl-eating shark! I sympathised with her fear and added, matter of factly: "But of course you know there aren’t really any sharks in Colorado." She replied, "Of course not!" So I continued, "Well, since you know there aren’t really any sharks where you swim, if you ever see one there again, it would be because you were dreaming. And, of course, a dream shark can’t really do you any harm. It’s only frightening, if you don’t know that it’s a dream. But once you do know that you’re dreaming, you can do whatever you like - you could even make friends with the dream shark, if you wanted to! Why not give it a try?" Madeleina seemed intrigued and soon proved that she had bitten the bait. A week later, she telephoned to announce proudly, "Do you know what I did? I rode on the back of the shark!"

Some of the examples I have given seem to implicate that there is a strong affinity between the dream world and the waking world as well as the energy system:

Exercises and meditations performed during the day can be traced through the dreams. Conversations, feelings, meetings will appear in some form in the dreams. As a day residue to put our attention to unconscious patterns in our emotional lives. Like a response from the astral part of the aura.

But the dreams can also respond to inputs from higher levels, like deep conversations, or spiritual atmospheres. Meditating alone or with other people, listening to music from a deep or high level. We have seen this in some of the examples. Here is one more:

The dream is that I had been lying under a sunlamp too long. My face has turned quite red, and I fear that my skin has been damaged.

(This dream I interpreted to the effect that I had activated too much energy in the head area from a meditative exercise I had performed during the day. And I remembered that Bob had told us that it would probably be necessary to make a special grounding exercise to balance the many exercises we were going to do in the head area. And I had failed to do it that day. )


All this of course leaves us still with the question:

What ARE dreams? Really? Will we ever find out? Where do they come from. Do some of them come from without? But what is without? Could it be true that in some higher aspect, we are one?

I tend to believe what many esoteric teachings tell us. That at the highest level there is unity, and that unity can somehow be reached. Maybe the next stage below this unity, this monad is the duality, the polarity, and then again I believe that there comes a level next containing the basic, geometrical figures, so that when such symbols (the circle, the square, the triangle, the cross and a few others) picture themselves in our dreams, they are really a direct access to the next level. I believe that these are the highest symbols you can dream of, especially if they appear in a sort of "clean-cut" way, like e.g.. often out of context with the contents and action of the dream as such, could be a green triangle, a blue square, a circle of meditating people, a crystal globe.

They are extremely compressed symbols of energy containing a wealth of information, often of a general or universal, cosmic nature.

I believe that Mikkel’s geometrical symbols belong here. Of course all objects in dreams having these shapes have some connection to this level. But not directly. Like e.g. a plate with an omelette, a box of handkerchiefs.

Were they right, the people from former times who believed that dreams come from God. Maybe they do, at least some of them. Because what is God?

Could it be, like other people from former times used to believe, that it is true that the soul leaves our body when we are asleep, and that what we remember on awakening will be the events of the nightly adventures in other spaces or dimensions. But, then, what is actually the soul?

Some esoteric teachers also believe that some of us are being taught during our sleep.

Maybe dreams come from different places. Maybe the term dream is just a term, without any content. I do believe that within the heading of "dreams" there will be some that are not dreams in the ordinary sense. So these could be maybe be termed as coming from God or being experiences of the soul or higher teachings.

We know from near-death-experiences, and out-of body experiences that it seems as if consciousness is not linked to the physical body. Rudolph Steiner e.g. had the conviction that when we were asleep, it was actually only the physical body surrounded by the etheric body, which lay in bed. So.

Is it true that there is a realm of higher consciousness which is in principle accessible to any one of us. It is common ground, so to speak. Like the collective unconscious as described by Carl Jung. Or is it the same dimension?

There are many questions and really no clear answers.

In other words these areas can be reached through dreams. They can be reached through other means, too. Meditation. Various drugs, mushrooms, peyote (Castaneda), lsd, and the Grof speciality the holotropic breathwork. He believes that there are like parallel universes, and that it is possible not only to look at them, but to BE in them. One of them is the archetypal world, and in his latest book The Cosmic Game he is describing an experience of a woman in a holotropic state of consciousness:

Unfortunately I have the book in Danish, so I will restrict myself to just mention that she finds herself IN this world and gives a beautiful description of its magnitude and brilliance as well as the radiance of the inhabitants. What made a great impression on ME was that she noticed a brilliant ring on the finger of one of the Godlike figures, and in it was a stone that to her seemed to be a cosmic version of a diamond. The reflection from one of the facets struck her like a dazzling light, and she understood that it projected itself into our world.

(This to me is very significant related to the concepts of Carl Jung in respect of effect of experiencing archetypal figures or situations and also is an important clue to his concept of synchronicity.)


I should like to add just a little bit about healing. My way of giving healing is mostly in the area of what is called spiritual healing. And the aim is to discover imbalances before physical disease breaks out.

Because physical diseases are approaching the body in the form of energy imbalances that can be detected by sensitive healers in the different parts of the subtle energy system. Imbalances like negative thoughts, negative feelings, which can be located in the astral and mental areas of the aura long before they reach the etheric and physical bodies and become a disease.

These problem areas will of course also appear in the usual therapeutic situation, when you talk together. And that I do, too, but always with dreams as the basis. Because they very clearly point out what should be talked about.

But, then, I also gather a lot from the dreams looking through my "energy-glasses" about imbalances, blockages and spiritual qualities on the basis of my knowledge of the way energy moves and works, of chakras, their psychological content, points in the aura.

So that I can be quite specific in my healing by laying on of hands, but I use a lot of intuition, too. Like knowing what to do.

Healing does work! It restores balance; it helps release blockages, or maybe activate them to such an extent that they will picture themselves in subsequent dreams. Being open to receiving healing also frees your own healing capacities, which are in fact the high energy frequencies of the spiritual part of the aura which are channelled into the slower energy frequencies of the other parts of the aura reaching the areas where there might be no movement (blockages). Also the healing situation invites a cosmic energy to enter.