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Kirsten Borum.



Dream conference of The International Association for the Study of Dreams
asdreams.org at Sonoma, California July 2007:


The background of my teachings of dreamwork and meditation/energy work are based on my intensive and long-standing studies in Denmark with Jes Bertelsen and Bob Moore.
There is a correlation between the images of our nightly dreams and the subtle energy of man. Dreams will prompt certain specific energy exercises to be performed, and energy exercises will have an impact on the contents and symbols of the dream. 
I have studied in great depth the subtle energy system of man for 25 years throughout which period I have regularly done energy exercises and meditations. I have taught dreamwork and meditation/energy work separately, and I have had several ongoing groups in which I use dreams, dream symbols and energy work in different combinations that I have developed. My own experiences as well as those of many participants in my "dreams and meditation" groups have confirmed this correlation.  
I also make use of the correlation between the dreams and the subtle energy system with clients in dream therapy. Apart from the dreamwork as such, I look at the dreams in their energy aspect. This enables me to select specific energy exercises for the clients to do at home to support and further their process, and gives me a clue of how to work on their energy system in a form of healing that I call therapeutic healing.